Peacemaking Under Fire Reviewed

We are pleased to announce that The Veteran, the newspaper of Vietnam Veterans Against the War has published not one, but two, reviews of Peacemaking Under Fire!

We don’t want to stop you from visiting their site, so we’ll limit ourselves to quoting just one key passage here, from Gerald R. Gioglio’s review:

These days, VVAW Contacts frequently get requests from high school and college students seeking interviews and for information about the war and GI resistance. Some of us who respond to these requests ponder the best approach to help these students. Do we agree to the interview or send them packing to the library to do the research? I submit that Peacemaking Under Fire provides us with a third way. Like, “Dear X, we got your request for an interview. Go read John Arnold’s book, get shocked, awed and inspired to learn more, and then yeah, call us.”

The bottom line is this. The book is worthy of your shelf. Hopefully, it will soon be an eBook. With luck, some publisher will latch on to it, address some of the loose ends and give it a greater distribution. Meanwhile, let me recommend it to vets, GIs, anybody thinking about enlisting and/or those currently being harassed by recruiters, and anybody else wanting a fresh take on military training or the national nightmare known as the Vietnam War.

A special note for publishers regarding the above: We’re game if you are. If you’d like to talk, drop us a line!

For the rest of you, here are links to the reviews on VVAW’s website:

Peacemaking Under Fire: A Vietnam War Memoir – Aaron Davis (reviewer)
Peacemaking Under Fire – Another Look by Gerald R. Gioglio (reviewer)

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